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Aberration goes to L Fest

Aberration is going on tour for the first time this summer, starting at L Fest in Llandudno. We will put on a fabulous cabaret on the Saturday night, 14 July 2018. L Fest is a whole weekend of music, arts, comedy and workshops for lesbian and bi women, and their friends and families of all genders. Final tranche of festival tickets goes on sale on Friday 27 April here:

More tour details coming soon (subject to funding).


Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod 2018, Aberystwyth

Ymlaen Gyda’n Gilydd

Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod 2018
8 Mawrth 2018
Amgueddfa Ceredigion, Ffordd y Môr, Aberystwyth
Drysau’n agor am 6.30yp


Cymraeg: Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod: Bydd Amgueddfa Ceredigion yn cyflwyno noswaith ddifyr o sgwrsio a thrafod, a cherddoriaeth gan y Bung Bung Belles.

Bydd panel amrywiol o fenywod lleol sy’n ymgyrchwyr yn siarad am sut allwn ni weithio i greu byd mwy cyfartal. Cewch daith dywys o amgylch yr amgueddfa cyn i bopeth ddechrau, ac yn y diwedd bydd cyfle i’r gynulleidfa ymuno yn y drafodaeth. Mae’n argoeli i fod yn noson llawn ysbrydoliaeth. Croeso i bawb. Trefnwyd mewn partneriaeth ag Aberration.

Y Cadeirydd: Joanne Hopkins
Y Panel: Amal Abu-Bakare, Andrea Hammel, Kate Rose, Michelle Pooley

£6 Gostyngiadau: £5


International Women’s Day 2018 Aberystwyth

Forward Together

International Women’s Day
Thursday 8 March  2018
Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth
Doors open 6.30pm


English: To mark International Women’s Day, Ceredigion Museum presents a stimulating evening of talks and discussion, followed by music from the Bung Bung Belles.

A diverse panel of local women campaigners will speak about how we can work towards an equal world. With a museum talk beforehand and audience discussion at the end, this promises to be an inspiring night. All welcome. Organised in partnership with Aberration.

Chair: Jo Hopkins Panel: Amal Abu-Bakare, Andrea Hammel, Kate Rose, Michelle Pooley

£6 Concession: £5

Ceredigion Museum, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth


Bookstalls with Honno Publishers and Planet Magazine

Charity Chocolate Egg raffle for Aberaid and West Wales Domestic Abuse Service

7.00  Gallery: talk about artist Seren Morgan Jones with Alice Briggs Assistant Curator.

7.15 Time to chat and settle in for the evening. Bar open. 

7.30  Video

7.35 Welcome by Carrie Canham, Museum Curator. 

7.40 Jo Hopkins, Aberystwyth University and Senior Sponsor of the Home Office Gender Equality Network: Why does Wales need an International Women’s Day? 

8.00 Women and activism: panel discussion chaired by Jo Hopkins

Andrea Hammel, Aberaid’s work with refugees

Kate Rose, Trans Champion within the Welsh Government, on transactivism

8.20  Q&A

8.30 Amal Abu-Bakare, Aberystwyth University, on race, Islamic feminism and intersectionality.

Michelle Pooley, Director, West Wales Domestic Abuse Service, on the work of her organisation. 

8.50 Q&A 

9.00 Thanks from Carrie Canham

Contribute to story wall and filming.

Break for refreshments

9.30  Charity Chocolate Egg Raffle with Carrie Canham

9.40  Harmonies from the Bung Bung Belles 

10.30 Ends

The evening will be filmed by Amy Daniel – an opportunity to have your voice heard
Photographer: Jess Rose
Event funded by WEN



Aberration goes Beyond the Binary

//Aberration discussion//


All the Genders We Are//

{Ewch i lawr y dudalen am y testun Cymraeg}

Monday 7 March 2016 at 6pm in the Executive Boardroom of the Visualisation Centre on Aberystwyth University main campus. FREE EVENT, just turn up.

Directions: Turn on to campus and take the first right, follow the road down and the visualisation centre is a big modern building – the first building on your right (known as ‘the ship’)

Aberration are proud to be part of Aberystwyth University’s week of events around International Women’s Day with our discussion: ‘Beyond the Binary: all the genders we are’.

gender booksAre you female? Male? Or do you live beyond those ‘binary’ divisions? What does gender mean to us today?

Speakers from our Aberration community will set the scene by talking about their own lives, genders, politics and art, including trans and agender identities. Followed by a friendly open discussion for all, chaired by Helen Sandler.

Event in English // Mae’r digwyddiad yma yn Saesneg.

Ddydd Llun 7fed Mawrth byddwn ni’n falch o chwarae rhan yn yr wythnos o ddigwyddiadau ym Mhrifysgol Aberystwyth i ddathlu Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod gydag ein trafodaeth Aberration: ‘Beyond the Binary: all the genders we are’. Bydd yn dechrau am 6pm yn Ystafell Gyfarfod y Ganolfan Ddelweddu ar brif gampws y Brifysgol.

Bydd siaradwyr o’n cymuned Aberration yn agor y mater drwy sôn am eu bywydau eu hun, a’u rhyweddau, eu gwleidyddiaeth a’u celf, gan gynnwys hunaniaethau traws ac anryweddol.

Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival 2015 Programme

SpringOut is programming the lesbian interest films again and delighted to be part of the Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival’s tenth birthday celebrations. We have picked films to suit different tastes – with hopefully a little overlap to tempt you to stay on and see something a bit different. As usual we have a documentary with Q & A – this year looking at Lesbian Custody cases of the 1970’s, accompanied by a lovely British short of ‘children’ (grown) nurtured in lesbian & gay households.

Full festival programme details can be found here : Rainbow Film Festival and, as always, the majority of the festival takes place at The Old Market Hall

A little precis :

Friday Night (16th October 2015)
19:30 Opening Ceremony – come and join us and raise a glass to 10 years
20:00 The Way He Looks

Saturday (17th October 2015)
10:15 – 12:00 Homegrown Shorts at OMH
13.00 – Mom’s Apple Pie: the Heart of the Lesbian Custody Movement plus Q&A – programmed by SpringOut
16:30 – Jayson Bend: Queen & Country plus Q&A
20:00 – Appropriate Behaviour – programmed by SpringOut

Sunday (18th October 2015)
11:00-12:30 Around the World Shorts (at other venue)
13:30 – Victim ith Q&A
16:30 – For 80 Days – programmed by SpringOut
18:30 – Boy Meets Girl